A multi-faceted exploration of the relationship between computation, process, and design.

Sentience is a pilot project and design thesis that challenges the current use of technology as simply a means for representation and end production, by suggesting an explorative and multi-disciplinary approach to designing through computation. The project serves as a prototype for the future of cross-disciplinary design, experimental processes, and the transformational role computational systems have in contributing to our ever-evolving physical environments and fabrication.

I designed and made custom hardware modules using Arduino to read and record sound data from various studio spaces.

I collected data from custom Arduino modules and then translated it visually using Grasshopper. I materialized the data using 3D printing, exploring the transition and translation of data from digital to physical.

I designed and re-interpreted my thesis work and produced ten hand-bound copies. The final product delivered my thesis content in a tactile and approachable manner and was an exploration in graphic and print design.